Hokoex® is a larvicide for control of nuisance flies in animal husbandry, manure heaps, slurry reservoirs, waste management facilities such as waste transfer units, mechanical-biological waste treatment sites, landfills and household waste containers.

The granular formulation contains 2 % cyromazine. Cyromazine is highly selective to diptera larvae but does not impair populations of parasitoids / paraparasitoids of nuisance flies in an inacceptable manner.It interferes with fly larval development and by preventing eclosion of viable adults beaks the reproduction cycle of nuisance and biting flies.

Hokoex can be applied by direct dispersal of dry granules, respectively spraying or pouring after dissolution in water.

Repeat applications of Hokoex®, depending on the respective situation and use, might not be necessary for up to 10 weeks after treatment and are generally most efficient when made as soon as maggots re-appear.
Depending on the housing system specific application patterns further increase efficacy.

Hokoex® is available in units of 1, 5, 10, 20 and 25 kg.



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